Barnstaple & District Men's Skittles League

AGM Minutes


MINUTES OF THE SKITTLE COMMITTEE MEETING    Annual general meeting Friday 19th May 2023Members present: A Buckingham R Chapple, D Cooke S Cunningham, A Kiff M Kiff A Kingdon, T Kingdon, B Latham M Latham R Morgan, A Norden M Squire, D Stentiford, D Symons.Apologies: B Baker, S. Folland,  S Popham..Opening remarks. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.Minutes of the last meeting. The Secretary read out the minutes of the last A G M, the Chairman signed them as being a true record, forwarded by A Stribling and seconded by G Moore.Matters arising. There were no matters arising.Presidents Remarks, Goodleigh lads are Champions of Champions and Plough Pullers won Division 1, nice to see a different Team get it's name on the trophy, 1st new one for 15 years, Ringers were runners up, Alot of players have sadly passed away in the last 12 months, John Braunton being one of them, He was Fixture secretary, Committee member and Captain of Dead Ants. He hoped enough Teams signed up for the coming season.Chairmans Remarks. This is one of the years that has run smoothly even though it started 2 weeks later than normal. I think by having a couple of cup matches before the league started worked out very well. I am sure this will continue for the coming season.I would like to thank all the committee Officers, Rob Morgan, Shaun Cunningham, Dave Cooke and my Vice Chairman Bryan Latham. I would like to thank all the committee members for their hard work and special thanks to Martin Kiff for Finals Day and Presentation Night on the microphone. I would also like to thank our President, Tony Kingdon, for coming to the meetings and for his support.Congratulations to Goodleigh Lads for winning the Champion of Champions and all the league and cup winners for 2022/2023.The County Cup is on this coming Saturday 20th May at North Molton Sports club. Our representatives are Goodleigh Knights and Demons and representing the singles are Shaun Cunningham and Peter Osment. I wish them every success, Goodleigh Knights were runners up and Shaun Cunningham got to the semi final.Secretary's report. The secretary hoped everyone enjoyed the Annual Dinner. There were one or two complaints, the main one being that table service was imposed resulting in some tables waiting half an hour for their drinks, resulting in Lionhearts leaving early. Some thought it was a shame there was no entertainment, but the majority thought it went well. The committee will discuss whether we should have either a speaker or a comedian next year and whatever is decided will be put on the website and the facebook page.Fixture Secretary's Report. Welcome to another season. I thought the last one went well, we just need to keep on top of postponed games. After covid a bit more leniency was shown but we need to get back to normal and postponed games should be played within 4 Weeks. Please look at rule 4 in your books. Last season a lot of postponed games went well past the 4 week's and that cannot happen again.Please write clearly and neatly on your registration forms. Name Address, email, phone number etc. Some of these details go in the skittle books, wrong details can cause issues, especially phone numbers. What seems clear to you may not to me.If you change captain half way through the season and didn't tell me. As a result, they nearly didn't get entered because we had no details. He didn't know about the AGM so he didn't get a form. By the time we found out I had already sent the proof to the printers and it was only by pure luck that I got them in.If you change venues after your registration, please check with me 1st., do not assume that everything will fit in, you could clash with other Teams, also venues need to be put in the books. Last season a Team changed Venue without checking with me 1st, the only reason I knew was the landlord from the venue they used to play contacted me and said he now had a spare slot. Again I had already sent everything to the printers and again by pure luck, I could fit them in at the new venue but not at the time they wanted.Please check times with venues before putting it on the registration form especially if you are changing time from last season, I had 4 Teams all wanting the 8.15 at the same venue.Last season we went down to 5 divisions due to losing Teams. I know there are Teams struggling for players but your Teams in and I will put the word out to help you. We don't want to lose any more Teams. You could put the word out too. Maybe put posters up in your venue, put it on social media. Come on lads, let's work together and get more Teams entering. Maybe Teams that are struggling can get together and make one. Please let me know and maybe I can help.We have a new main sponsor, Aaron Rundle from the Fox Boys, he has his own concrete business. We are still looking for sponsors to go in the book. The cost is £100 per advert and if you are interested, just let me know.Can you please make sure your registration forms are in on time as I would like to crack on with forming the league. I am going away in August.Thank you and good luck.Cup Secretary's Report. Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the Teams that entered. All went very well. Cup fixtures go on to the website as soon as they are done.Treasurer's Report. 1st proper season played since Cocid. Entry fees were down due to less Teams registering but this was offset by having to purchase fewer Trophies. Sponsorship was up on the previous season and there there were no travel cost. We ended up making a small profit. Opening balance £7497.18, closing £7873.52,.Election of Officers. All officers were re-elected and the committee members were also asked to stay with Mike Harris becoming a Committee member.A.O.B. Re postponed games. It is the home Team's responsibility to re-arrange the game even if you are short of players. The situation affected both S & T and Goodly Knights last season. Something has to be done so the committee decided that the subject would be discussed at the next Committee meeting. It is all about getting points to the Team affected.As there was no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.15 pm and attending Captains were asked to come and collect their registration forms. The date and Venue of the next A G M meeting is Friday 17th May 2024 at 7.30pm.